Сitation in a research paper

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When the text that you want to quote is large in size and occupies most of the A4 format, then it will be better placed in the application. For example, when conducting a critical analysis of a certain constitutional law, it would be more expedient to include its content in terms of additional materials, and to quote only the most important phrases from the research paper in the test.

Fragments of the literature used by you, which itself is critical, should be quoted only in cases where your thoughts, conclusions are confirmed, or for proving the wording of the new statements you have entered. Citation in a research paper is required. If the phrase is commonplace, that is, anyone could say it, no need to emphasize its authorship. This also applies to widespread statistics, especially when the author is little-known because of this is not an authority in the eyes of your supervisor within the limits of the problem in question. But however, mentioning the opinion of a famous person, in which his author’s position is reflected, then the citation will be very appropriate.

A long quote can also be shortened, replacing minor fragments with three dots. However, it is not necessary to abuse this technique, since there is a big risk to distort the meaning of the author’s quotation.

If you can not agree with the above quote, and use it in order to dispute the essence, it is necessary to indicate this either before or after the expression. This is a good way to present a personal point of view.

Of course, the quotation must be properly formatted so that there is no suspicion about its authorship, it is necessary to indicate the source in which the quotation and its page were found. Correct citation in a research paper as a prerequisite presupposes that the link to the source be made according to all the rules.

Highlight quotes need paws, which not only must be opened in the right place, but also closed at the end of the quotation. Many who forget to close the quotes and then, it becomes incomprehensible where the thought of the quotation ends, and where the thoughts of the researcher himself go. Sometimes in publishing quotations are made in the form of inserts, that is, their text is printed in a smaller font in the form of a separate paragraph. Of course, despite the clarity and attractiveness of this method, in the research paper such a selection of citations is not used and is not acceptable.