How to format a research paper?

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For each student who decides to write a research paper independently, there comes a moment when all the material is collected, and it needs to be somehow arranged on the shelves so that all the elements are in place. It is not enough to write research paper correctly, it still needs to be properly formatted so that the structural parts meet all generally accepted requirements. After all, everyone wants to be praised for their work.

So, let’s consider the basic requirements that you must adhere to when you design your work. How to format a research paper?

So here is the answer for the question how to format a research paper:

• research paper is printed on A4 paper on one side, one and a half line spacing (1.5), Times New Romans font, font size 14, black;

• paragraphs are written with an indent of exactly 1.5 cm;

• margins parameters: left – 30 mm, right – 10 mm, lower and upper – 20 mm each;

• text alignment is carried out in width;

• all structural parts of the work begin on a new page. In the center, with the capital letter, they write the words “Content”, “Introduction”, “Conclusion”, “Appendix” and highlight it in bold.

• each chapter begins with a new page, and paragraphs and paragraphs are written in the text, without transferring to a new page;

• Pages are numbered in Arabic numerals in the center from the bottom of the sheet. The first page is the title page, but it is not numbered;

• applications are numbered in the general order and placed at the end of the work. These can be diagrams, tables, pictures, graphs, etc. Each new application starts with a new page and is placed in the order in which they were mentioned in the work. The word “Application” is written in the upper right corner;

• The volume of the course is 20-60 pages depending on the topic of work.

And once again we recall that do not be afraid to ask all the details of your teacher. And on registration course too. And then you never know what a whim he has. It is better to learn everything before defending your work, so that later there will be no incidents. As they say, out of harm’s way.